Sigh, another year another Primark x YouTuber collaboration

A brand-new homeware collection by Primark in collaboration with Saffron Barker hit stores on October 23. It’s available in most Primark stores. Primark’s website hold a list of what stores have the collection in..

Saffron has over 1.2 million subscribers across both her YouTube channels, over 700K Instagram followers and over 300K Twitter followers.

The first Primark x YouTuber collaboration back in summer 2015 was with Gabriella Lindley (VelvetGh0st), they teamed up again in late 2016 for another range.

We went into our local Primark store in Sunderland and we can’t lie, we were disappointed. There was only a small display section in the homeware department that held the range and it wasn’t very appealing to the eye. Not only that! They didn’t even stock the full range, and what they did have was in very limited availability.

It just looked like Gabby’s old homeware range had been revamped with a different design, we’d say that it’s a poor effort from both parties. Nothing on the display shelf caught my eye and made us think: “ooo we really want to spend our money on that!”

The running theme throughout “Saffy B’s” range is love hearts, eyelashes and typography. Saffron’s YouTube range is aimed towards her younger YouTube audience. The range wouldn’t really catch anyone’s eye over the age of 14.

Although maybe not ideal for the older teenager, it would be more suited towards tweens and younger children.

The range includes, bedding, cushions, a set of pyjamas, tumbler cups, notebooks etc and all for an affordable price starting from £1.50 for a fluffy ballpoint pen.

Can we expect another Primark x YouTuber collaboration next year? Well, with the three-year running pattern, we can probably predict that to be a yes.


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