Great British Baking 101: Everything you need to bake your way to the finale

Tomorrow is not only Halloween but it will also be the Great British Bake-Off finale and with Kate Lyon, 29, Sophie Faldo, 34, and Steven Carter-Bailey, 34, as our final three, we want to know who you think will become 2017s ultimate winner.

However, if you’re like us and are not ready for Bake-Off to end, there is still time to get baking with our essential equipment guide. Where you’ll find every must have tool a baker needs for their home.

  1. A food mixer

2. Measuring spoons/cups

3. Digital food scale

4. Mixing bowl

5. Cooling racks

6. Whisk

7. Baking tins

8. Cookie cutters

9. Rolling pin

10. Spatula

11. Wooden spoon




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