Six steps to a stress busting pamper night

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With exam season just around the corner, now is a better time than ever to indulge in a pamper session. Follow our six simple steps to ensure you’re calm and collected right before the dreaded GCSE, A Level and university exams begin to rear their ugly heads.

What’s great about this pamper routine is that you’re likely to already own the majority of the products and pieces included in this guide, no purchases necessary (unless, like us, you’re partial to some flamingo slippers)!

Now, no at-home spa night would be complete without a soak in the tub. Step one – ditch the bubbles and use a bath bomb to get those relaxed vibes going and your bathroom filling with a calming scent. Lush’s Avobath (£3.35) includes uplifting citrus oils to improve your mood (perfect if you’re stressing over revision or coursework), and the avocado extract is fab for softening the skin.

When your bath bomb has finished fizzing away move onto step two, and crack out a good old body scrub. Hands up, you know this is the body care step you skip the most. Soap and Glory Flake Away (£8) contains sea salt which smooths the skin while exfoliating away the dead stuff, and leaves you feeling squeaky clean.

Step three, now it’s time to get moisturising. If you don’t have a body butter lying around in your bathroom cupboard or in your bedroom, perhaps opt for The Body Shop’s new Fuji Green Tea Butter (£13), which similarly to the bath bomb, is designed to uplift the senses. Exam stress, begone!

Is there a better feeling in the world than stepping into freshly washed pyjamas after getting out of the bath? This darling two piece from H&M (£15) is made from a light jersey fabric which is both comfortable and chic. Step four is all about upping those cosiness levels.

Step five and six aren’t all that necessary, but they pave the way to relaxation central. To check off the fifth point of our ultimate relaxation check list, you’re going to want to slip into some cosy slippers – you earn extra points if they’re amazingly novelty like this flamingo pair from New Look (£15).

It could be argued that knotted elastic hair ties are the beauty invention of the century. No longer will you have a weird kink in your hair after wearing a bun to bed. The pair shown are from Primark, and come in a set of five for £2.50. Step six is obviously to tie your hair up in a loose ponytail, braid or bun, and fall into a relaxed slumber.

Sweet dreams!


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