Spooky Halloween Beauty Buys

Halloween Nails

Halloween nails are a major part of the season and if you aren’t brilliant at painting them yourself, there are always false ones you can purchase. The least expensive option is Pound Land and Claire’s Accessories for £6 and below. If you’re feeling like splashing out, there are stores that sell Halloween colours to paint your own such as MAC and Boots for £8 and above.


The bigger the better when it comes to lashes! They go from one extreme to the other in price but they’re totally worth it for the scary season! Tesco sell the Eylure range from £5 and of course you can go for high end MAC and NARS. Of course there are also stores like Superdrug with a range of styles and makes.


There are so many different face paint packs, but you most certainly need at least one for Halloween! FX Make up is more professional and often an expensive spend, but you’ll look scarier than ever! There are less costly brands too that are a lot less frightening if that is not your thing.


Dark lips are definitely key for Halloween, whether you go deep purple or make a big bold statement with black; you have to be out there. You could even try Pumpkin Orange! There are so many places to get your scary shades; Bobbi Brown is great for ‘out there’ colours if you’re looking for a bit of a make-up spree. A cheaper option is Maybelline with just as vibrant colours.


If face paints aren’t your style you could always try using eyeshadows to either create a dark look with your make up or use them to create a zombie effect on your face. There’s lots of places that sell the perfect colours for this. If you’re looking for reasonably priced try Maybelline and Revlon and of course there are more pricey brands like Urban Decay if you want to splurge.


Contact lenses take your costume to a whole new level, whether you’re cat woman or the corpse bride. You can get contact lenses from most fancy dress shops or if you’re looking for a real bargain you can pick them up from Pound Land!


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