SS20: Are Bowling Shirts The Hottest New Trend?

With the spring/summer season fast approaching, there is a new essential item in everyone’s outfit rotation, the bowling shirt. Previously, these shirts seemed dated and almost too “dad like”, but Prada helped birth a new generation of style and it seems like everyone’s favourite celebrities are definitely here for it.

By HBX // Loewe daisy print bowling shirt

Emerging slowly but steadily from the catwalks during both March and September, the bowling shirts’ initial resurgence wasn’t highly successful, but as the shirts increased in the amount of print used so did the popularity.
Completely disregarding the initial use of the “bowling shirt” many labels such as Loewe, Prada and Palm Angels opted to use the shirts to portray a performance art style.

By Clothbase // Palm Angels kill the bear bowling shirt


Clearly a statement piece for your whole outfit regardless of the occasion, the shirt is still extremely versatile.  While graphic tee’s have been a trend since the 90’s and shirts have always had a casual print with brands like Burberry, the bowling shirt breaks away from the simple silhouette given by a tee, instead opting for a more formal style while the graphic print helps juxtapose this.



The possibilities with a bowling shirt are endless, allowing for layering with hints of patterns, a buttoned shirt, an unbuttoned shirt & even the option to wear it on top of a hoodie for those chillier spring days.  Being a statement piece, it makes the job of looking stylish even simpler, as colour co-ordinating the prints with your pants, shoes or accessories makes you seem the most stylish person in any room.

By Hypebeast // Prada oil print bowling shirt


Prada was the first brand to go above and beyond the normalities of fashion as they released asymmetrical bowling shirts, on which each half featured a different pattern or print. This creation by Miuccia Prada was so popular that its almost impossible to find one anywhere any more.

By Trendesignbook // Prada half half bowling shirt


Outside of the catwalk, musicians Kanye west & Asap Rocky were the first to champion the Prada shirts with the latter forming a brand deal off the back of his love for their collection.  Furthermore, Louis Vuitton’s current creative director Virgil Abloh has cited inspiration from this underground trend and even been spotted wearing the same impossible true love Prada shirt as Kanye.

Via Twitter // Virgil Abloh in Prada impossible true love bowling shirt


Clearly popular with the musicians, Rihanna proved this shirt wasn’t just popular with the men as she took to Instagram wearing her Prada Frankenstein bowling shirt unbuttoned as she swam in her apartment pool.
Although we wouldn’t recommend this one at a whopping $745.

Via Rihanna’s Instagram // Prada Frankenstein bowling shirt


Fashion’s favourite actor Timothée Chalamet also flexed a grandpa chic style in his Stella McCartney graphic bowling shirt from the upcoming SS20 collection. Let’s be honest, if Timothée is wearing it, the world’s going crazy for it, boys and girls alike.


By Dailymail // Timothée Chalamet in Stella McCartney SS20 bowling shirt


Of course, streetwear brands Supreme and Palace couldn’t risk having their limelight stolen for just one second, as they too hopped onto the trend with supreme releasing a rather questionable bowling shirt featuring artwork from Rita Ackermann. Personally, were not too sure, if you’re like us, there’s also much tamer versions available in both of their upcoming capsules.

By Stockx // Supreme x Rita Ackermann bowling shirt

If the price tag is too high to convince you just yet, high street stores like Zara and Urban Outfitters have slowly released limited amounts of these shirts into their stores, keep an eye out for more to follow this summer.


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