Stop trying to make statement necklaces happen

We’re looking at you, Prudence Margaret Leith, and your bold collection of statement necklaces.

As we approach the final of this year’s Great British Bake Off, tensions are running high, technicals are becoming more complex, and viewers SHOULD be fully immersed in each challenge. That is until judge Prue appears on screen, with a necklace that resembles a string of lightweight snooker balls.

The self-confessed jewellery lover herself compares her necklaces to ‘baubles’ on her blog. Which makes us feel less guilty about our raised eyebrows and comparisons made every Tuesday night.

The 79-year-old goes on to write that:

“I don’t bother with all those teeny weeny little necklaces, they’re hardly worth the bother – go all out for a fun, multi-coloured one with oversized beads, or layer several together to stand out from the crowd.”

We reckon you could knock up your own version using strawberry laces or those 1990s expandable sphere toys.



Of course, statement necklaces have had their day, like almost everything in fashion, trends come and go. Did you ever think you’d be wearing statement sleeves in 2019? Probably not. Yet we’re all quick to order a top with the puffiest sleeves because it’s on the Topshop ‘New in’ section.

Perhaps we should take inspiration from Prue, and her loyalty to the statement necklace.

PS- Before you think we’re being bitchy about a 79-year-old woman – don’t!

Meanwhile, we fully applaud Prue on her co-ordinated eyewear and lip colour combinations.








But the gobstopper looking necklaces… we’re yet to be convinced!



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