Streetstyle: Gen Z’s favourite accessory – The tote bag!

Over the last few years tote bags have become an indispensable accessory, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing a tote is the perfect bag to be by your side.

Not only are they useful, but they are also fashionable! They can help us to express our style and our likes and dislikes to the world. There are many different tote bags and different ways to style them so here are some street-style examples of how Gen Z wear their totes!

Many people like to make their bags interesting by having characters, patterns and even fun keyrings to express their personalities.

Masayuki Syarifah, 22 years old, Cosmetic Science student, Sunderland.


Yuki had a very distinctive tote bag that immediately stood out, her bright Hello Kitty tote bag brightened up her outfit and showcased her like for the character. She further accessorised with two fluffy keyrings and a pink bow keyring, these features create a unique cute style tote bag which perfectly encompasses her aesthetic.







Outfit details:

Plaid dress – Primark.

Cropped hooded jacket & pink bow keyring – Cheer competition merchandise (BCA & Future Cheer).

Shoes – Puma.

Hello Kitty tote bag & bunny keyring – gifted by a friend.

We Bare Bears keyring – Miniso.



Shop similar totes:

Primark Pink Hello Kitty Tote Bag – £4

Hello Kitty X Skinny Dip Sticker Tote Bag – £12.












Tote bags made out of interesting textures such as corduroy or woven fabric have become increasingly common and are a fun twist on the bag.

Nicole Clarke, 19 years old, Primary Education student, Sunderland.


Nicole’s tote bag is extremely popular and well-desired, when out and about it’s likely you may see a young girl adorning this bag. Despite it being fairly simple, the bag goes well with Nicole’s outfit and helps create the streetwear vibe she likes and tries to emulate, it complements the already cool element of her style.








Outfit details:

Top – Shein.

Cargos – H&M.

Jacket & Coat – Stüssy.

Shoes – Adidas.

Bag – Urban Outfitters.





Shop similar totes:

Lucy & Yak Tote Bag: Organic Corduroy Black – £26

Urban Outfitters BDG Tab Corduroy Tote Bag – £22


Tote bags with lyrics or quotes that are inspirational or from TV/pop culture are a great way to add some dynamic elements to your look and showcase your interests.

Elizabeth Pilcher, 19 years old, Social Media Management student, Sunderland


Lizzie has a particularly unique tote bag as it was made especially for her by a friend, it features the words to the song ‘Gratitude’ by Brandon Lake. The lyrics relate to religion and God something Lizzie is very passionate about and an important part of her life she wanted to include in her outfit.







Outfit details:

Top – Primark.

Trousers – F&F.

Jacket – Charity shop.

Shoes – Nike.

Bag – customised and made by a friend.




Shop similar totes:

Amazon Singer Album Version Tote Bag – £10.89

Amazon Jesus Loves You Tote Bag – £8.99












Totes have become a key part of merchandise for artists and celebrities, if there’s a celeb you love or if you’ve been to a fun event like a concert you can now purchase a bag to remember the moment.

Aimee Summers, 18 years old, bartender, Sunderland.


The intricate design of Aimee’s tote bag captures your attention and draws you into her outfit, the bag is merch from a Louis Tomlinson concert she attended. The bag perfectly matches with the black and white/cream of her gilet, shoes and socks helping to create a really coordinated outfit.








Outfit details:

Bodysuit – TikTok shop.

Gilet – H&M.

Shoes – Converse.

Bag – Louis Tomlinson ‘Faith In The Future World Tour’ merchandise.




Shop similar totes:

Louis Tomlinson Faith In The Future World Tour Logo Black Tote Bag – £25

Olivia Rodrigo
Sour Tour Tote Bag – £16.99












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