The best Christmas gifts for all of the men in your life!

At this time of the year, we start thinking about Christmas shopping. However, this year we are mostly shopping online as the result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While we are all staying home, take a break, and look at our list of best Christmas presents for the men in your life, whether it be your boyfriend, brother, dad, cousin…


Whether it is an electronic groomer or a classic set of grooming equipment, this is something that all men need, and this is a great sustainable investment that will last for ages.

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2. Favourite aftershave

I think that everyone will agree that we love it when a man smells nice. You could go for the brand he uses, or pick the one you like the most.

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3. Matching PJs

Your boyfriend might not like it at first, but if you choose some incredibly comfortable material it will soon become his favourite piece of clothing. This gift can also be given to all your siblings, or even to both of your parents. It’s up to you with who you want to match.

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4. PS, PC or Xbox game
Yeah, we know. Sometimes it can be annoying when he plays games for hours with his friends not paying attention to anything else, but we all have some hobbies we love. Buy him a game he was lately talking about and while he’s playing you can have some me-time.

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5. Any Software/online course he has wished to take
Maybe he has always wanted to know how to use photoshop properly, why not buy an online course? Or if he already knows how to use it but hasn’t bought the software. Or maybe he wants to learn a new language. There are many online courses that might interest him, and you as well.

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6. Handmade memories box
An album of pictures of you two, with his favourite sweets and maybe some ‘vouchers’ that says ‘free cuddles’, ‘doing laundry’ or anything you can think of.

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7. Skincare
Skincare is important despite gender, and boys don’t know they actually need it. Prepare for him a SPA day when you use the best products and we guarantee he will love it. Step by step, start with cleansing once a day and moisturising, then you can build up and teach him how to do proper skincare.

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8. Concert tickets
Even though we are under national lockdown, the situation in months to come might be different. Some music artists are offering concert tickets for 2021. This can be a great opportunity to have something planned in the future and to look forward during these hard times.

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9. Experience
The most precious gift is time. Spend time together on some adventure. Sky diving, a road trip around the UK or even Europe, fishing, climbing, hiking… But it is the same as with the previous one, it is something you can look forward until pandemic is over.

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10. Anything connected with his hobbies
Does he have a sneaker collection? Buy a pair of sneakers. Does he enjoy football? Buy him his favourite team’s shirt. It’s all about creativity. Remember, that you are the person that knows the best what your man likes, what his hobbies are, and what he needs.

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