The best things in life are red

Lipstick, love and Louboutins (or at least the soles are). But far too often, the colour of passion and romance are reserved for Christmas and Valentine – rarely getting the appreciation or wear it deserves unless part of a Halloween costume.

Such a vibrant and often expensive looking colour can be so powerful and commanding. It’s the perfect pop to add to an outfit to cheat your way to a confident persona when you are quite feeling as unstoppable as you should.

Look for inspiration everywhere

But these deep and vibrant tones can add sensuality and a kick to any outfit, whether it be a small dash of crimson in the form of a bag or a scarlet dress.

Most, however, would probably prefer to start with little hints of the colour, which can be overwhelming to base a whole outfit on.

Inspiration for an injection of vermillion may come from anywhere. From the dying roses on the dining table to your apples sitting in the fruit bowl on the work surface of your kitchen.

You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip

It’s certainly not the most widely available colour, no is it the most conventional tone, especially at this time of year when we are all thinking of candyfloss colours and the summer sun.

Adding a splash of red to an outfit can also lead to utilising unconventional pieces, such as lingerie as outerwear or even a silk scarf as a top.

Sometimes, a book can be the best accessory

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