The Controversial Trouser Trends of 2019

Trousers are a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe, no matter how simple or bizarre they seem. But we have to draw a line at what is considered ‘trousers’ nowadays.


Lace Up Pants– FashionNova ($50.00)

We have to admit that these aren’t actual trousers, wrapping string around your legs certainly won’t keep you warm.


Clear Plastic Jeans– Topshop (£55.00)

We really don’t have many words for this trend. Being wrapped up in plastic surely cannot be comfortable.


Mesh Panel Jeans– Bless ($590)

They’re attempt to create a new trend for jeans is a fail in our eyes. After they ruined a perfectly good pair of Levi jeans, adding a transparent mesh panel on the side does not justify the ridiculous price.


Invisible Jeans– Carmar Denim ($165)

The invisible jeans were apparently a popular trend in the summer of 2018, after seeing Kendall Jenner sporting them. This trend caused controversy across social media in relation to the price and lack of material, and we can see why.


If you spot any new “controversial” trends, share them with us on Twitter @Fashion_North !


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