The five most popular beauty hashtags decoded

The hashtag is a weird and wonderful thing. Essentially a mishmash of symbols and acronyms, this popular social media tool has the power to gain you a few more Instagram likes, or render you as a little bit desperate. With this in mind, it’s kind of essential that you understand the basics. Get your notebooks at the ready, today at Fashion North we’ll be giving you a lesson in your beauty hash tag ABC.

1)   #FOTD


Face of the day. This hashtag features most prominently in the caption of any beauty-savvy girls’ selfie. It enables other make-up lovers to have a peek at what look the user in question has decided to sport that day.

 2)  #FOTN


Face of the night. This hashtag is essentially the same as number 1, but it is used to show the make-up that someone has chosen to wear on a night out. Particularly proud of your Saturday night smokey eye? Get your #FOTN on.

3)   #bbloggers


Used by beauty bloggers to share their latest post amongst like-minded users, this is the tag to go for if you want to promote a fabulous article, or find your new favourite blog. A browse of this hashtag is guaranteed to make you want to get spending. Trip to Boots, anyone?

4)   #NOTD


Nails of the day. Got yourself an amazing new manicure? Here’s the hashtag to go with your #handselfie. Let the lacquer lovers see your new nails!

5)   #WIMB

Marry Poppins

What’s in my bag. Used by beauty lovers to share the contents of their current make-up bag to their followers. Feeling nosy? This is the tag to browse.



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