How to tackle dry skin with The Body Shop’s vitamin E products

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I love this time of year, it’s time to buy big coats and boots and wrap up warm. But what I hate the most is what the cold harsh weather can do to your skin – especially if you’re a dry skin sufferer like me. Knowing that soon you’re going to look like a shedding snake is gross, irritating and it doesn’t make you feel very pretty.

But never fear, I am here to save your skin, with these dry skin beauty essentials that will smoothly get you through the next few chilly months.

The Body Shop is one of my favourite skin care brands as the products work amazingly and don’t cause breakouts (in my experience anyway).

They have a collection for every skin type with their Vitamin E range made and specifically formulated to tackle very dry skin.

Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream – £13

Body Shop Intesne Moisturiser

This Intense Moisture Cream is thick and creamy, it hydrates and nourishes skin without leaving it clogged up or greasy. I only use this product when my skin is extra dry. If your skin is really dehydrated, dry and flaky, apply a thick and generous amount of the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream and leave it to sink in like a mask.

Overall: Locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration, leaves skin feeling silky-smooth and helps to restore skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Vitamin E Moisture Cream – £11

Body Shop Moisturiser

A light weight moisturiser which is quick and easy to adapt into your morning routine. It is soft and smooth without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy with product. You can see why this is one of The Body Shop’s best sellers.

Overall: Hydrates and protects light and easily absorbed, leaves skin soft and healthy looking.

Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask – £2

Body Shop Face Mask

A saviour in a sachet. This little mask is great for urgent dry skin rescue. Just apply and leave on your skin to sink in, it will leave your skin feeling soft and toned. When I used this I actually managed to get two mask uses out of the packet, so you get loads of product for a low price. This is also great to try out before you buy a full size product. The Body Shop will give you a free sample of anything in the store for you to try, this will give you a great opportunity to see how the product feels on your skin as well as seeing the final results.

Overall: Intense moisture rescue and brings skin back to optimum moisture level.

Vitamin E Lip Care – £4.50

Body Shop lip

The search is over. I have been hunting for a good lip balm for a while now and I finally found one that works. This feels amazing and works wonders for your lips. Especially if you have dry / cracked lips it nourishes them and leaves them soft and restored. This product is silky smooth unlike other greasy like other dry lip products.

Overall: Hydrates, protects, and softens, soothes dry lips, contains SPF 15.


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