The Glamorous 1920s

The 1920s was a decade filled with fun, excitement and an almost prolific desire to enjoy the finest things in life. With the appearance of many fashion innovations such as the little black dress which still remains a popular garment to this day as a wardrobe staple for many, if not most women.

Women also became and played a more relevant and important part of the society taking social and political changes, which also allowed their clothes to be more flexible.

The 20s, also known as the Jazz Age, obtained this designation by the huge popularity Jazz music obtained and, with it, came The Flappers. The fun, independent and youthful girls with the cute fringed dresses that we still wear today.

So, what items might be on our wardrobes that are 20s inspired? It probably might not be something hard to find, hence this is a decade that deeply influences fashion today and designers to create amazing, dazzling and fringy garments that we all love seeing walking down current runway shows and see how elegant they look.

Nowadays, anyone can still pull-off a great 20s inspired style by wearing a dazzling bag, a dress filled with crystals or an elegant silk dress, a fedora or another great complement to any wardrobe, a fur coat.

All this traces back to the 20s trends that can be easily found in high-street stores such as Topshop and popular online brands such as Missguided or and on many more physical and online retailers.

Take a look at our 20s inspired slideshow:

Roman Black Embellished Fringe Flapper Dress - £65
Missguided Silver Lattice Embellished Wrap Mini Dress - £180
Dorothy Perkins Petite Khaki Fit and Flare Coat - £56.25 (Sale)
Topshop Richmond Gem Cross Body Bag - £27

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