The latest Tik Tok trend inspiring fashion week fits

Every fashionista and designer is once again missing out on the highlight of the year … Fashion Week.

Who wouldn’t miss being surrounded by haute couture, world-class designers and A-list celebrities?

Most catwalk shows have been showcased virtually in 2020/21 thanks to Covid but nevertheless, the creativity of new influencers has kept the spirit of fashion alive.

The Tik Tok trend ‘What I’d wear front row at different designer runway shows’ has become our latest obsession and it’s utterly impossible not to spend hours scrolling through the videos. This latest trend involves Tik Tok stars and creators posing as if on front-row, wearing the trendiest fits styled by themselves. The outfits were evidently inspired by classic collections from the fashion labels including Gucci, Prada and Chanel.

At Fashion North, we spoke to Tik Tok style icon @evelilycp, 23-year-old currently residing in Spain, who became one of the first creators to hop on the trend in January. We spoke about all things to know before thrifting and the inspiration behind her viral Tik Tok looks.


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“I’ve had an interest in vintage fashion and quirky pieces since I can remember. I experimented with a lot of different styles throughout my teens. As I’ve got older, I’ve managed to refine my style and would describe it as ‘eclectic.’ It’s truly a mix of so many things and I change it up on a regular basis.

I love thrifting, whether it’s charity shops or online second-hand stores like boutiques on ASOS Marketplace or Depop. I find you can get truly unique pieces here and are very affordable too.”

How do you create your looks for the ‘What I’d Wear Front Row’ series?

“I actually have very little knowledge of designer brands, and while I’m inspired by high fashion I never registered which styles belonged to which brand and educated myself on it. As I don’t own any designer items, I researched the hell out of high-end brands to find which ones I felt I could replicate the style of. I love my fun colourful outfits best, so I’d probably say my favourites are my Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade one!”

@evelilythriftsWhich one is your fav this time? Inspo @andoej again xx #highfashion #style♬ Originalton – Alicia Ashanti

Do you believe trends such as these are good for keeping the fashion industry thriving during COVID?

“Absolutely! It’s a great alternative to attending shows which obviously nobody could this year. It’s far more inclusive and fun to see people like me and fellow fashion Tik Toker’s take on the challenge of high fashion on a budget.

Do you have any tips for people wanting to get into thrifting and for those on a budget?

“Always thrift your staples – blazers and turtlenecks especially, I find charity shops are full of them and they’re often far higher quality than a fast fashion brand. If you’re not finding high quality items in your local charity shops then try looking in a wealthier area, naturally the donations will be more expensive brands. I like to budget myself month by month and split the money between special mid-range items and charity shops.”

The North East has a range of charity/ vintage shops available for anyone wanting to make their wardrobe more sustainable and ‘eclectic.’ Here’s an interactive map to find your nearest vintage clothing store!

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