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Christmas, for all its merriment, has the ability to ruin diets, bank accounts, and even friendships. The one thing we don’t think about it ruining is our feet but the threat is very real. Hours of Christmas shopping, dancing, partying, and Christmas dinners can leave us blistered and bruised by ill-fitting shoes, killer heels, and possibly even the heavy loan ice-skates at skating rinks.

Finding the perfect shoes for a Christmas party is, undoubtedly, harder than finding the perfect gift for the auntie you never see but who has decided to come to town for the holidays. Here are our tips for selecting the right pair of heels to carry you through the festive period.

  • Buy a pair that slots into your wardrobe almost seamlessly. There is no point in buying a black stiletto for the holidays if you have hardly any black in your closet already. Take a long look at any party outfits you have or plan to buy and create a simple colour palette from that to use when shopping for a pair of heels.
  • Always opt for a chunky heel over something skeletal. A platform or block heel will offer the most comfort and tend to utilise thicker straps too, which secure your feet in place better than a court shoe or something with a slim slingback strap.

    This platform pair from Public Desire are beautiful and add height.

  • Don’t shy away from a kitten heel. While they may not always be the height of fashion, a kitten heel is dainty and comfortable while still adding a few inches. Louis-shaped heels are very on-trend currently, having carried over from the summer, and there’s an abundance of kitten heels in the style in shops as a result. Oddly enough, a kitten heel and mini skirt will also lengthen and elongate your leg too.

    This Zara pair of kitten heels are a great dupe for Manolo Blahnik

  • Break your heels in before even considering wearing them out. The best way to break in a pair of heels is with two layers of fluffy socks. Simply put on the socks and shoes and wear them around the house for a good few hours before they venture out. It can also be a useful way to identify any possibly points of rubbing and pinching so you can have plasters on hand before leaving the house to stop future blisters in their tracks.
  • Always look at the arch of a shoe. This is especially important for people with small feet, as a high heel is going to mean the arch of the sole is much steeper and more uncomfortable. The arch should be a gentle and steady slope, with the same gradient throughout otherwise the shoes are more likely to lead to achy feet.

    Boots, like these ASOS ones, are a great way to mix it up and keep your feet warm

However, as is often the case with heels, know when to give up with them. There will most likely come a party where you just don’t think you can manage a night in heels again. Don’t force yourself to endure them if you can’t and, opt for a pretty pair of flats instead, or even a boot. There’s no harm in taking a night off from stilettos to give your feet a rest.

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