The sold out Lacura range by Aldi: Is it worth the Tik Tok hype?

Lacura: Aldi’s beauty and makeup range which has been available since 2002, has recently gone viral on platforms such as Tik Tok, with some videos reaching over 17,000 likes and some products coming in and out of stock quickly.

With high end makeup and beauty dupes, for the likes of the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Soft Glam” eyeshadow palette and the iconic Two Faced “Better than Sex” mascara.

Aldi is known for their “copycat” products like the Cuthbert the Catapillar cake that kicked off a row with M&S and have pretty much mastered food dupes to big name brands.

So we wanted to know whether the improved Lacura beauty range at Aldi is worth the hype.

After testing and trying some of the range ourselves, here is our honest feedback and rating of each product tested.

Image credit: ALDI

Snapshot Ready Glow Primer: £5.99

Dupe: Smashbox Photo Illuminating Primer: £29.50

Rating: 5/5

After using this primer for the last few weeks, I am so amazed at how good it is. The consistency is moisturising on the skin, giving a nice enough glow that isn’t overpowering. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and keeps makeup lasting throughout the day. At first, I wasn’t expecting much from it but it is now part of my everyday makeup bag.

Image credit: ALDI

Lacura Eyebrow Pencil: £2.49

Rating: 3.5/5

This eyebrow pencil comes in three different shades ranging from light to dark. Does the job and is worth the money but isn’t overly exciting and is often forgotten about in my makeup bag. Dual-ended pencil with a brow brush on one end which is handy.

Image credit: ALDI

Lacura Brow gel: £2.49

Dupe: Benefit Gimme Brow: £23.50

Rating: 4.5/5

Coming in three different shades again, the brow gel by Lacura has a good amount of pigment that doesn’t make your eyebrows look like blocks. Fast-drying gel and it works well if you want to pull off “no-makeup makeup”. The only critique is that it does lack in shades where Benefit has numerous shades available.

Image credit: ALDI

Desert Rain eyeshadow palette: £5.99

Dupe: Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) “Soft Glam” eyeshadow palette: £46

Rating: 3.5/5

Having owned the ABH palette myself, I can say that the Lacura dupe to this is quite good for the money you are paying. Expect sultry shades from this palette that aren’t too over the top. However, the cons of this palette are that it isn’t as pigmented as the ABH palette so expect that you will have to dip in a few times with quite a bit of fallout. But overall, it is worth affordable the price tag.

Image credit: ALDI

Lacura Coral Blusher: £4.99

Dupe: Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush: £27.50

Rating: 3/5

This blush is an affordable dupe to the iconic Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush with a similar component and pigment colour in the pan. This blush is set to succeed before it has touched your skin. However, I was quite disappointed that the colour was not as pigmented as it was at first glance and has to be dipped into a few times, but has minimal payoff. I have integrated it into my makeup kit but don’t reach for it as often as I would have liked too.

Image credit: ALDI

Lacura Berry Dewy lip balm: £1.99

Similar to: Dior Lip Oil: £29.50

Rating: 5/5

This dewy lip balm is available in two shades and flavours and is honestly amazing. The smell of the berry lip balm is unbelievable, and I wish you could smell it through the screen. It is light in consistency, and the pigment is a light pink, similar to the trending Dior Lip Oil. Of course the component is very different to the Dior version and is definitely shown when comparing both prices, but this balm is a staple in my daily life and highly recommend.

Image credit: ALDI


Lacura Larger than Life mascara: £5.99

Dupe: Two Faced “Better than Sex” mascara: £24

Rating: 4/5

The Lacura version of the iconic Two Faced mascara is very similar in component, weight and wand shape, with differing component colours in each. I really liked using this mascara but as a daily user of the Two Faced mascara, I didn’t find many differences except the pigment, as the Lacura one is a more buildable mascara with less pigment. Overall, I recommend this mascara and is worth the price.

Image credit: ALDI

Lacura Makeup Setting Spray: £3.99

Dupe: Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray: £27

Rating: 1.5/5

I was really underwhelmed by this setting spray as a user of the Urban Decay version. Mainly due to the spray being more like a water spray that drenched my face after using. I am more used to a continuous mist rather than a harsh spray, therefore, this was quite let down by this version.

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We reached out to Aldi to comment about their trending range of beauty products, and they said: “Premium beauty should not be a luxury reserved for a few. At Aldi, we believe everyone should have access to great quality products, and our popular Lacura range provides just that.”

Let us know if you have or will be trying this trending range of beauty products on Twitter @Fashion_North.


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