Thumbelina Lillie’s top 5 blogging tips


The gorgeous Megan from Thumbelina Lillie won Cosmopolitan’s Highly Commended Beauty Blog Award last year, and she’s exclusively given Fashion North her top tips on how to become a successful blogger, much like herself. This pint-sized beaut racks up over 14,000 combined followers on social media and her website, so it goes without saying that she knows a thing or two about how to build up an audience. Want to make your mark on the blogosphere? Then get your notepads at the ready, because you’re about to receive some fab industry insider tips.

1. Blog about what you want to blog about

Megan encourages all aspiring bloggers to stay true to their own taste, and not give into the ‘norm’ of blogging trends. Stay as individual as possible! Thumbelina Lillie is known for its kitschy cute vibe, so find your own theme and stick to that.

2. Get social

Networking is key if you want to make it big in blogging. Megan says: “It’s not what you know, but who you know. Network with as many bloggers and companies as you can.”

3. Be consistent

Try your best to get into a routine, no-one wants to read a blog with inconsistent posts. Thumbelina says that you don’t have to blog every single day; “Whether you blog three times per week or once a fortnight – consistency is key!”

4. Remember that you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea

People might not want to read about the latest lipstick, or they might not be into the latest clothing trend. Try to turn criticism into something constructive.

5. Don’t get too caught up in stats and numbers

A blog is a constant work in progress. Just because you might not get any views in your first week (or month), it doesn’t mean you’re going nowhere. If you have passion, the followers will come flocking.

Now you’re filled to the brim with industry insider knowledge, get blogging! and are the easiest platforms to use, and don’t forget to promote your posts on social media. Who knows, you might be taking a seat next to our favourite Thumbelina Lillie at next years Cosmo Blog Awards.


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