Drop Dead key items for girls


Drop Dead has pushed the boundaries for the alternative clothing market, producing clothing collections with Itchy & Scratchy and producing their own Join Us collection. As you may have never shopped at Drop Dead, you might need a little help, so we spoke to Drop Dead’s PR assistant Julia Beaumont to get her top picks from the Drop Dead autumn/winter collection.

Their jumpers are a must have, usually their strongest pieces, their sunshine yellow loose fitted Crazy Life jumper (£55) is ideal for brightening up a dreary autumnal day.

Drop Dead’s newest collection C.B.A is for the days when your energy has done one and even talking is an effort. The CBA tank top (£30) is there as a living excuse, so if anyone asks why you’re sat on the sofa doing nothing, all you have to do it point at your top. Simples.

Need a new going-out outfit? Then the Blood Pact dress priced £35 and the Dark Hand Kimono (£45) is enough to keep the winter winds at bay, all whilst looking effortless cool.

I Want To Be A Mermaid beanie (£25) is all you’ll need if you’re having a bad hair day.

Death Pact dress - £35
Dark Hand kimono - £45
Crazy Life jumper - £55
CBA tank top - £30

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