To dye For: The biggest autumn hair colour trends and maintenance tips

Whether you’re bored or wanting to get into the autumn/winter spirit, now is the perfect time to switch your hair up. 

It’s well-known in the fashion world that a change of season calls for not only a change of wardrobe but a change of hair colour too.

Celebrities have been showcasing their glamorous new styles on social media, with the likes of Megan Fox, Cara Delevingne and Camilla Cabello ditching their signature colours for the season.


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Typically, people tend to opt for a darker or brunette colour to coordinate with the autumn colour palettes – perfect for the ultimate fall outfit combo!

A representative from Whites Ladies hairdressers, in Sunderland, said: “After summer sunshine many customers with blonde hair tend to want to go a little darker with low-lites and dark-haired customers go for blonde hi-lites or auburn low-lites to brighten their dull locks.

“Deep rich red and autumn tones and rich chocolate shades are the most popular in the fall.”

Autumn toned hair Image credit: Holly Willis

Of course, hair dye can mean more maintenance but fear not, here at Fashion North we have you covered.

As terrifying as a haircut may sound to some of us, a small trim can do wonders – you’d never even know your hair was any shorter, but you’d definitely know that it’s healthier.

A hairdresser from Avenue Hair and Beauty,  in Sunderland, said: “Always let a professional colour your hair, don’t attempt to colour it yourself as overlapping causes breakage and damage.

“Follow through with a good shampoo, conditioner and treatment, and every head is different so a good stylist would advise what is best to use. ”

Drugstores sell a range of shampoos and conditioners, including more affordable ones such as Alberto Balsam and TRESemmé.

TRESemmé replenish and cleanse shampoo

With the variety of  shampoo scents available – tea-tree, coconut, raspberry, vanilla, orange, etc – there’s no shortage of choice, plus it gives you an excuse to go scent-testing (not that you need one!)

Will you be changing your hair colour for the remainder of the year? Let us know on our Instagram @Fashion_North or tweet us @Fashion_North.




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