Lindsey Lohan and the power of suits

As the revival of Y2K style continues, so does the renaissance of the decade’s celebrities. From Paris Hilton walking the Versace runway to Benifer and the marriage we never thought we would see, the stars we had on Girl Talk posters when we were tweens are all grown up and no longer clad in low-rise Miss Sixty jeans.

One celeb who has just begun her ‘comeback tour’ is star of Mean Girls (and a few very awkward, misogyny-driven talk show interviews), Lindsey Lohan.

Lohan outside of Good Morning, America
Image from Alamy

The 36-year-old actress is erasing the misguided image Hollywood painted of her over 10 years ago, starting with a power suit of all things. She wore a beautiful, colour-blocked suit for an appearance on ‘Good morning America’, where she discussed her marriage and her new Christmas film, ‘Falling For Christmas’.



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Lohan hasn’t had an easy ride in the spotlight, with a history of DUI’s and drug use, she was once deemed a ‘low life’ and eschewed by the film industry. She spent the late 00’s in and out of rehabilitation centres and was often ridiculed on front pages across the globe for her behaviour.

But with her return to the spotlight, she’s remoulding her public image and showing the world that there is more to her than a tumultuous past and a collection of tabloid headlines.

Lindsay at the premier of her new film. Image from Alamy

Her new image is one of stability and maturity, with tailored suits and a more grown-up aesthetic, thanks to stylist Law Roach, who seems to be in charge of these latest looks.

The man in question is slowly becoming a household name, as stylist to stars such as Zendaya and Ariana Grande. he also knows the power of a suit, clearly the ultimate weapon of reputation revitaliser!

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