Top Five Struggles Everyone Faces When Christmas Shopping

It’s the season to be jolly! Christmas is upon us and the shopping has begun. It’s never quite plain sailing as you’re bound to face one or two problems along the way. We share our top five struggles everyone faces when christmas shopping.

Paying full price for an item only for it to go in the sale the following week.

We’ve all been there. You think you’ve found the perfect gift and fork out quite a bit of money for it and go home feeling great only until you come back the following week to finish off your Christmas shopping and you see that the price has been slashed. Typical.


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Can’t find a parking space. 

The shopping hasn’t even begun and the struggle is already very real. You’re about to head home after your seventh lap of the Metro Centre car park ready to give up on Christmas altogether when a space finally becomes available. Thank you!


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Buying gifts for people that you secretly wish were for you.

Whether it’s buying a video game for your boyfriend that you secretly want to play or buying your mum the best reviewed skincare set that you know too well she isn’t going to use. Admit it. We’ve all done it.


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Move out the way people! 

People are everywhere. Eldon Square resembles the standing crowd from Taylor Swift and you can’t move thanks to the two people deciding to stop right in front of you and just have a little chat. Move! Out! Of! The! Way!


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When your loved ones deserve diamonds and you can barely afford a tin of Quality Street.

You see the perfect gift, you know that they’re going to love it, then you check the price… Ring any bells? We’ve experienced this one few too many times. #TheStruggleIsReal


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