Top Tips from Stylist and Fashion Photographer: Kuba Ryniewicz

Last week Fashion North was invited to attend a masterclass taught by stylist and fashion photographer Kuba Ryniewicz, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a few of his top tips as a stylist in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Photographed: Kuba Ryniewicz

Tip No.1

It is best to work locally in your ‘play-ground’

A great tip for anyone just “starting off” or trying to make their mark in the industry is to work locally! You know the area, you know the best times of day to get out for shoots, manage the crowd and obtain the best lighting. This also gives you an ‘advantage’ as the majority of big time shots are photographed in London, so it gives you access to an area ‘unexplored.

Tip No.2

You need to invest!

‘You need to invest money to get money back.’ Styling and organising a shoot can break the bank if you’re trying to work like the professionals without the funds and facilities that the professionals have access to.

Tip No.3

‘Do not nag a company’

When starting off you may be inclined to reach out to companies and showcase your portfolio in an attempt to be offered work. If you have already sent the email and then sent a follow up a couple days/weeks after then do not send a third email. The company will get back if they wish to collaborate, do not take it personally. Your vision may not be what they’re looking for. Kuba had said he once contacted a brand and did not hear back for a long time afterwards, he had almost forgotten he had sent it.

Tip No.4

Participate in ‘little things’

It’s always a good idea to participate and volunteer for small projects if you get the opportunity and have the time. Although no huge offers may come from it then and there, it is another piece of work to add to your portfolio and can only do you favours in the future.

Tip No.5

Working with amateurs

If you are planning on conducting a shoot with people who are not professional models, Kuba advises to meet them before the actual shoot takes place and be very clear on what types of images you want from them. Pay attention to detail and tell them the outfits, poses, looks and concept intended behind the shoot and this will prevent anything being a shock or potentially causing discomfort on the day.

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