The Ultimate Bag Swap

Every day I often get asked: “Louise do you really need all that stuff in your bag?” or “what on earth is in your bag?” But who knows when you might need a spare fork for your lunch or a spare pair of tights?

For me my bag has become a huge part of my everyday life and my favourite is my trusty £30 white tote bag from H&M which could probably fit the full contents of my fellow Fashion Journalism classmate’s stuff in too.


My usual contents doesn’t even fit in my large bag. 

My bag usually contains my car keys, phone, phone charger, purse, diary, numerous notepads, tissues (new and old) whoops TMI?! Chewing gum, my full makeup bag – although I don’t reapply my makeup AT ALL during the day, perfume, Victoria Secret body sprays (yes sprays as I like to mix them up) and FINALLY deodorant.

So when Fashion North suggested to me about swapping my large back for a smaller one I laughed and said I would never be able to do it but here I am at the end of my challenge which surprisingly was a huge success! Hurrah! Here’s what happened…


Can I really last a full day with a mini satchel?

Already regretting my choice to do this challenge on a day that I need most of my things, I was feeling positive of not having to carry my large bag – which probably weighed about the size of a  small child- around uni where it would constantly bash into my fellow students with me apologising on numerous occasions during the day.

My outfit for the day was all black; a cute dress with polo neck top and bomber jacket so I decided to team it with a bright mustard coloured satchel that I bought for £5 from Primark about two years ago. It did feel nice not having to struggle with trying to put my large bag onto my passenger seat without smacking myself in the face, so at the moment for me this challenge was already a win!

The tiny satchel contained a notebook, diary, purse, pen, chewing gum, spray and my phone. Sounds a lot less than my usual contents and I already worried that I would need something else. Maybe the spare pair of tights? Although, my car keys did not fit in at all so they kinda stuck halfway out but I did manage to close the bag, hallelujah!

Walking in to uni with my small bag, I noticed a lot of other female students struggling with their larger bags and thought to myself: “is that what I really look like with my bag!?” I didn’t really miss my big bag at all! Could this be the start of something new?

By the end of the day I didn’t even miss my oversized tote bag, I got home and didn’t have a large red line across my shoulder from where my shoulder strap would sit and I realised that I didn’t need half the stuff that my tote contained.

Although, I think I will be going back to my old bag as today was the day that someone did actually need a spare pair of tights!

Are you a big or small bag person? Let us know on twitter: @Fashion_North

Here are some of Fashion North favourite picks of clutches from the high street:

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 15.00.19



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