Your university backpack essentials

We went out to the University of Sunderland’s City Campus to see what everyday essentials students had in their backpacks.

Backpacks, especially miniature ones, have become very fashionable in the past couple of months — all thanks to celebrities carrying their Palm Springs Louis Vuitton ‘mini-packs’. High-street stores have caught on to the trend and many stores now stock a broad range of classy, cute and affordable styles.

Victoria Cummings, a Fashion Journalism and fellow member of the Fashion North team, had a pink crushed velvet miniature backpack from Primark (£9) with her everyday university essentials, a notebook, pen and bottle of water.

Photography student, Alex Costin, had an extra-large holographic backpack from Boohoo Man (£18) with his everyday university essentials, photographic paper, plasters and MacBook.

Backpacks are a convenient way to carry all the university essentials you could possibly need and you can buy a range of them in a variety of sizes — from miniature ones to extra-large ones that you can even fit a laptop in — from various high-street shops and online for affordable prices. And with so many available, you’re sure to find one that fits in with your own personal fashion style.


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