Vivienne Westwood, Harry Potter and Christmas: See what York has to offer this autumn

We had a great time in York on Monday this week. The primary reason for this journey was for the Vivienne Westwood personal shoe collection and shaping the body exhibition. Me and my classmate, however, explored further and found other interesting things to see within York itself.

Of course, we will be starting with Vivienne Westwood and her great ideas for shoes. Pictured below are the ones I loved the most.

First is the Apollo wing shoe – Melissa from Anglomania Collection Autumn/Winter 2010.

Second is Lady dragon heart shoe – Melissa from Anglomania Collection Autumn/Winter 2008.

The third was George Cox Seditionary boot from Seditionaries Collection 2002.

And the last one is the Newsprint boot from Winter Collection Autumn/Winter 2000.

Christmas time is coming and we were so happy when we found a Victorian-themed Christmas village. It was so magical.

After the exhibition, we had free time to go anywhere in York. As a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, we had to see York’s own Diagon Alley.

Then we needed a little break and made time for hot chocolate. 😊

Our last stop was the Train Station, again good to see for Harry Potter fans, who may remember it from the first story.

We also took in some of the beautiful views the City has to offer. 

If you would like to have opportunities like this and explore beautiful cities and exhibitions, come and study with us here at Sunderland.


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