War-core: what is this fashion trend?

With apocalyptic movies and TV series at the top of most peoples watch-lists, it’s not hard to imagine a dystopian future where fashion is leather, chains and combat boots.

The real question is: Just how fast is this future approaching?

A new trend identified by US Vogue is war-core — from balaclavas to riot shields. The military trend that started with camouflage clothing has taken a terrifying turn.

According to the Guardian, fashion’s latest neologism describes dressing for “geopolitical meltdown … reflective of the violence, chaos and widespread anxiety in the world at large”.

Alyx, a Los Angeles label is fashioning vests worn by soldiers in the desert made from ultra-tough fabric, used in anti-ballistic and anti-stab armour. These vests are available on their website for around $457-$1,323

In June, model Bella Hadid sat front row at a Virgil Abloh menswear show for Louis Vuitton. She posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing a bag strapped to her thigh like a gun holster.

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She was just one of the few street-style stars whose war-core wardrobe looked a little over the top at an event where they would simply be sitting in a room looking at clothes. Unless, as VIP guests to such a special event they know something we don’t!


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Fashion is a reflection of the times, and if this trend speaks true, the reflection looking back at us is truly bleak. The recent growth of end of days references is concerning.

Wearing camouflage and using similar tailoring techniques over the years to mimic military clothing is a cult classic, but this… this is like peaking into a very dystopian fashion future.


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