Body art is now so fashionable it makes you more likely to get a job

If you’re struggling to find a job, it might be time to consider a tattoo. This is because body art can make an individual look more fashionable among their peers and employers. 

A two-year long study by French, Mortensen and Timming found that not only are the wages and annual earnings of tattooed employees in the United States statistically indistinguishable from those without, but tattooed individuals are also just as likely — and in some cases more likely — to gain employment. 

This new research found that the previously held stigma that people with tattoos are widely perceived as less employable than people without tattoos (this is especially the case for people with visible tattoos that are difficult to conceal) may prove that attitudes towards body art could be changing. 

Bosses who continue to discriminate against people with tattoos may be settling for a less qualified applicant, warn researchers. 

Given the popularity of tattoos in society, especially among the younger generation that view body art as a form of personal expression – hiring managers and supervisors who discriminate against tattooed individuals will likely find themselves at a competitive disadvantage for the most qualified employees. 

You can read more about the study here.


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