We test out Clinique ID

A new era of moisturising just started with Clinique iD which gives you an opportunity to customise your own version of the product to suit you perfectly.

Clinique iD consists of two parts; hydrating and colouring. For the first part, you can choose different bases: moisturizing lotion, oil Control gel or hydrating jelly, something for each different type of skin.

The second part includes five options; blue for uneven skin texture, orange for fatigue, white for uneven skin tone, green for irritation and purple for lines and wrinkled. There are 15 various combinations isn’t that amazing?

The combination we have been tasting is the hydrating jelly with purple for lines and wrinkles. Jelly should hydrate for 24 hours and also protect you from pollution, while the purple part should reduce the look of wrinkles as it contains a whey protein. We can say that the effect came after a few minutes. Small wrinkles around eyes disappeared and even dry skin was hydrated for a very long time.

You can buy your own Clinique iD combination on the Debenhams website or in-store at The Bridges, Sunderland. The combination we tasted si priced at £36.00.

'Clinique iD™ Dramatically Different' Hydrating Jelly +Active Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles

Photo credit: Debenhams


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