What’s in my bag: Spring essentials

You can tell a lot about a person from what is in their bag.

Whether you are the Mam of your friendship group, carrying everything from wipes to a spare jacket, or the makeup girl that you can always rely on for a powder top-up on a night out.

As the days get lighter, the motivation to spring clean always starts with my handbag. All of the old cold and flu blister packs are binned to make space for some more aesthetic essentials.

My black leather crossbody bag is filled with everything I need for a spring day. I always carry my cards and ID in a cardholder as it takes up less room than a purse when I am using a small bag.

I also always have a few different lip glosses and lip balms on hand as well as a hair clip to make sure I’m never stressing about hair being in my face (or sticking to lip gloss).

My perfume is always an essential in my bag because who doesn’t love a top-up during the day? I usually opt for a small travel size or sample to pop in my bag. The last item I carry around is my digital camera to capture all of my favourite spring/summer memories.

Bag- TU sainsburys
Card holder- Coach
Lipstick and liner- Charlotte Tilbury
Lip gloss- Refy
Lip balm- Elizabeth Arden
Perfume- Maison Margeila Replica 
Hair Clip- Primark
Camera- Amazon

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