Who am I?

Who am I?

Finding yourself through Fashion inspiration

Fashion is a form of self expression- a persons outfit can tell us a-lot about them. A lot of people express themselves and their love for fashion by keeping up with the latest trends.

Trends are forever changing, so trying to keep up with them is difficult and exhausting for some people. You either love it or you hate it! However, people can be left feeling that if they don’t keep up with every trend then they do not fit in with the people that do around them, this has become a problem with young girls at secondary schools and colleges feeling this way. When these girls are struggling to keep up with whats current, they may be unable to find a style that right for them that they love, this has led to some people feeling lost and unsure who the truly are.
The story behind this fashion shot show the meaning behind “fashion is self expression”. It shows that finding this fashion expression can be a difficult journey, but once it is found it can help you feel more confidence with yourself!

Who am I?…
Questioning and unsure who she is. What’s her personal style? How can her outfits reflect her personality if she does not know the answer to these questions?


She knows who she is…
Confident and smiling. Her own style shining through, even in a college uniform, it’s clear that this girl knows who she is.


Introducing Thalia…
She’s confident, she’s cool and she knows her fashion.
A simple uniform transformed into a stylish look. A three tiered black skirt as the staple piece for this outfit, paired with a matching headband and plain white blouse. She also wears black ankle boots to finish the look.  Get the Look: 
Blouse: bought from The British Heart Foundation but buy a similar one from Zara here (£22.99) 
Shoes: also bought  from a charity shop, but find a similar pair from Shein here (£20.25) 
Hair band: is a sold out item from Shein, however similar items are still in stock here (£1.50)


Introducing Kass…
Quite quiet and unsure but becoming curious about fashion.
A decorative white blouse with a black suspender skirt that has matching ruffles and Dr Martens boot completing the outfit.
Get the look:
Blouse: The blouse is from a Barnardos, but here is a link to a similar style here (£44) 
Skirt: The Skirt is from Shein, find it here (£8.49)
Dr Martens Boots (£149)


No Inspiration…
Searching through Instagram, why can’t Kass find inspiration? Influencers like Emma Chamberlain are loved and famous for their outfits and there’s so many unique styles on the official Fruits Magazine official page, but she can’t seem to find any for herself.


What’s my style?…
After giving up with searching for inspiration, wondering what her own fashion subculture is? Will she ever find it?


Is this me?…
Is this Kass’ fashion sense? She doesn’t seem too sure, but she does like her outfit. A warm wool bear jumper, over a cute decorated skirt, with matching wool leg warmers.
Get the look yourself:
Jumper: The jumper is an old gift but get a similar here (£34.38) 
Skirt: The skirt is sold out from a Japanese brand Liz Lisa, get a similar one here (£49.11) 
Get Kass’ Dr Martens boots here (£149)



She’s here…
Kass see’s Thalia at a local popular clothing store Denim Delight. All things blue denim surrounding her, including Thalia’s outfit. Thalia wears different shades of denim that compliment each other well.
Get Thalia’s Look:
Denim Jacket: Bought second hand from Ebay, buy a similar one here (£29.49) 
Skirt: Buy a similar denim skirt here (£49.99)


These aren’t me…
Focusing out from Kass’ surroundings, Kass comes to realise that what’s popular isn’t necessarily for her. Even though she wears black denim, she still feels out of place in Denim Delight.
Get Kass’ outfit here:
Denim Jacket: Buy Kass’ jacket from New Look here (£23.99) 
T-shirt: Buy the Kuromi character t-shirt here ($30) 
Jeans: Buy similar jeans here (£39.99)


Look at this Character…
Meeting a new friend in at a cafe and gaining a new interest has led Kass finally gaining some inspiration on how she wants to express herself. Immediately falling in love with the fashion sense of a character in the manga.


Back to the classroom with a new look. Kass and Thalia are both looking through magazines that inspires their style. Noticing the new look Thalia is interested in Kass’ issue of Fruits magazine.


Re-introducing kass…
Finally knowing who she is, what her style is and what her interests are- this new Kass is happier and healthier with a more positive headspace.


Re-introducing Thalia…
She’s still cool, she’s still confident and she still loves fashion!


Who am I? This is who…
She’s finally found herself. Who am I? Now knowing the answer to that question, Kass can express who she is through her fashion choices. Kass wears a black velvet babydoll styled dress, with lace gloves as accessories.
Get this Look:
Dress: The dress is a sold out item from H&M but find to a similar dress here (£15.99) 
Lace Gloves: Buy the lace gloves from Shein here (£2)
Shoes: Dr Martens boots (£149)


Main Credits

Stylist: Rachael Woolfe

Modelling: Kass Mcgeoch

Modelling: Thalia Tsipouraki

Hair: Rachael Woolfe

Make-Up: Kass Mcgeoch

Make-Up: Thalia Tsipouraki

Photographer: Naim Zuki

Photographer: Rachael Woolfe

Woolfe Fashion Instagram


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