Why my leather jacket is a memory of home

I had always wanted a real leather jacket. Now that I’ve finally got one, I hardly ever take it off…

We all have that one piece of clothing we always reach for over any other, right? “The favourite”. The item that’s slightly more worn, battered and loved more than any other. Well, mine is my beloved leather jacket.

My fondness for leather started back in 2009, when I bought my first faux leather bomber jacket. My 10-year-old self loved this faded, distressed dark brown garment and I really felt that I’d found a piece of clothing to represent the person I wanted to be. I never felt cool or pretty when I was younger but as soon as I put my jacket on, I felt so much more confident. I wore it almost everywhere I went and pictured myself as a 50s Hollywood movie star. I certainly didn’t look like one.

Fast-forward to 2012, when my brown jacket was struggling to last much longer and I was growing out of it. I bought another faux leather biker jacket for under £20 as that was all I could afford but I longed for a real leather jacket. Something that didn’t look so cheap. Something that had that distinctive leathery smell. Something I could be proud of wearing.

That’s when my dad started noticing my obsession. I’d be going out on rare hot, summery days wearing my leather jacket. Yes, I’d be far too hot. But I still fight through the sweat today just to wear my favourite jacket. My dad was even getting annoyed because I would choose to wear my leather jacket to walk to school in the snow during winter when I had plenty of big winter coats to keep me warm. Maybe getting a cold just for fashion was unnecessary, he thought. Maybe not, I thought.

So, you can imagine my excitement three years later at Christmas time, when my dad handed me my first real leather jacket. It was over £100 from River Island. The first thing I did was smell it. The rich and earthy scent hit me straight away. It sent a tingle through my body. Oh my god. I finally had the jacket I’d wanted for so many years. The fit was perfect, it was like it was made just for me. I will always be so thankful that my dad saved money up and spent that much just for me. I’ve definitely made it worth the money.

Today, it’s nearly two-years-old. It’s shabby, tattered and ripped in places but I still love it just as much as I did on the day it was given to me. There’s a rip under one of the collars and one of the press studs has fallen out but it has always maintained its remarkable scent. I honestly have worn it to death. I wear it over t-shirts and jumpers during the day and I wear it over dresses on an evening. When people ask me why I wear it all the time, I use the age-old excuse: “Black goes with everything.” But it’s true! I am yet to find an outfit that I couldn’t pair with my trusty leather jacket.

I wear it now more than ever. Being at university makes me really miss home. I often go months without seeing my dad when I used to see him every day. While wearing that jacket is a real fashion statement, it will always remind me of my dad. So, I’m always carrying around a piece of him with me.

Yes, I may drastically over-wear my leather jacket. But, I’m not going to stop. I would be truly heartbroken if I ever lost it.

I hope to keep this jacket forever.




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