17 Disney Reactions to the Disney Sunderland Illuminations

The Illuminations have been great this year!

Well, they are great every year, but Fashion North got extra excited this year with it being Disney themed.

Photo taken by Kayleigh Derbyshire

If you want to head along, it is just £2 to get in and you have until Sunday to go. But, do not worry if you can’t make it until the last day, they are going out with a bang with a Firework display on the beach.

Here are our Disney reactions as we walked around Roker Park.

When we first found out the lights were Disney themed:

When we first arrived at the park:

So many Pretty Lights:

Oh, look there’s Mickey!

And Cheshire Cat!

Everyone taking SnapChats like:

No surprise though everything is so pretty:

Why I am I so excited about this I am like a child:

I spot Olaf:

Speaking of Olaf it is mighty cold round here:

They are selling hot chocolate that’s exactly what I needed right now, as Olaf would say it’s like a warm hug:

And they sell food too!

Definitely Happy Now:

Right time to see some more pretty lights:

Shame we have to leave now but at least we can come back on Saturday:

When they have Fireworks on as well:

What a brilliant evening:


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