Wrangler’s New 70s inspired collection

This year marks the Iconic American brand Wrangler’s, 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the brand has decided to re-establish and bring out a new collection all inspired by the famous 1970s fashion era and resemble some of their most memorable collaborations with great designers.

The collection which is available to purchase now, brings us numerous items from the wardrobes of ‘the pivotal youth culture movement’ which occurred during 1966-70s.

Most items created for this special collection were made through a renewed partnership with Peter Max. Famous for his daring, psychedelic prints and block patterns, Max’s designs, which you may have remembered from many years ago, have been ‘reborn’ with modern aspects such as new culture.

All garments have bold bright colours and a mixture of fabrics that create retro outlines across certain parts of the clothing. For example, the use of the rainbow strips which feature under the belt line and back pockets of a denim tapered jean, adds life and vitality to the look. Yet all are revived with contemporary touches, such as modernised fits and fabrics from the ‘modern age’ which allows this revelation to be unique and different.

This collection truly is an eye-catching one and brings nostalgia to anyone who is familiar with 70s fashion. Although geometric shapes and bright colours embroided denim, may not be for everyone, all the items available would complement almost any item of clothing! Showing us that previous fashion trends will never be forgotten!


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