10 problems every girl with a fringe will understand


Now we know a fringe isn’t for everyone, some people think it makes their face look small and some people can’t be bothered with the faff of making sure it doesn’t look greasy. But us brave lot who decided it would be a good idea to get a fringe have something to admit. They’re hard work. So for all you fringe loving girls don’t worry, you’re not alone these problems happen to all of us:

1) That feeling you get when someone makes you show them your face without a fringe. Scary.


 2) When a friend gets a fringe cut in and it looks better than yours. Smile through the pain.

Hermione Granger

 3) Yes Miss/Mr hairdresser, I’d just like it a little above the brows… Argh WHAT THE???

Little girl

 4) When you think you can trim your fringe as good as a professional but it turns out, you can’t.


 5) Some days no matter how much you try to make it look nice, your fringe just won’t stop looking like it’s been brushed with a toffee apple.


 6) The reaction you get when you asked for Mod but ended up with Page boy.

Jerry No

 7) Really, what are we supposed to do with it at the Gym?

Pony Fringe

8) No I’m not sweating, my fringe is supposed to be wet and stuck to my forehead.


9) Wind: A fringe’s worst enemy.

Ru Paul

10) When your fringe decides it wants a center parting. No thank you, not today, not ever.

giphy (1)


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