8 Halloween blunders we’ve all experienced

Halloween is here, for some it’s the best time of the year, for others it’s that horrible time of year where you have to wear ridiculous clothing in the hope you get free sweets.

Halloween can go one or two ways, you’ll either have the best outfit at the party or you’ll look like every other dead Red Riding Hood. But to bring a little light to this highly pressured fancy dress day, we’ve been discussing those Halloween blunders that just keep on happening.

1) When someone else had the same idea for a Halloween outfit as you. I mean you thought of this idea three months ago. How dare they!

giphy (1)

2) Trying to put them ridiculous contact lenses in without stabbing yourself in the eye.


3) When someone wears a costume that has nothing to do with Halloween. Like why? Do that in your own time. NOT TODAY.

giphy (7)

4) When you think your Halloween outfit will impress that guy you like, but really you look absolutely terrifying. It’s happened to all of us. Why wouldn’t he want a zombie corpse bride?

giphy (3)

5) Leaving your Halloween costume until the last-minute and looking utterly ridiculous, but still thinking you look great. Obviously.

giphy (5)

6) No matter how much you shower that fake blood won’t budge so you spend the next three days looking like you don’t own a shower.


7) There will always be that one girl who takes it too far.


8) Spending a fortune on an outfit you’ll wear for six hours and now can’t afford that dress you actually wanted.



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