Heidi Klum’s top 5 Halloween costumes

Halloween is the one time of the year that allows everyone to dress up and go crazy. America always go all out for Halloween, with their incredibly good costumes, elaborately decorated houses and of course Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween bash. Of course she would have to go all out for her own party, but Heidi Klum should be known as the queen of Halloween.

We take a look at her best Halloween costumes so far.

1. Human Anatomy – 2011

This look is by far her best. She really went all out with a bald cap, rotten false teeth and a team of make-up artists painting the veins, arteries and nerves on her bodysuit. That or someone really made her jump out of her skin.

2. Kali – 2008

This one caused a stir in the Hindu religion but it was executed exceptionally well. Kali the blue, multiple armed Goddess of Empowerment was a very daring choice for the German model but she rocked it.

3. Transformers – 2010

Heidi and her then husband Seal were a tag team that no one should have to go up against, because team Heidi will always win, just like they did back in 2010 with their Transformers outfits.

4. Apple and Snake – 2006

Taking inspiration from the Garden of Eden, Klum dressed up as the snake and apple, while Seal dressed as Eve to show how much he couldn’t resist her tempting nature.

5. Old Lady – 2013

Katy Perry may have done it first in her video for The One That Got Away, but Heidi was unrecognisable as an older version of herself. The varicose veins on her legs really added to the illusion.

Now tell us that she isn’t the queen of costumes. Go on, we dare you.


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