Au naturel: soap brows remain the ‘it’ look

Brows have been styled into different shapes and sizes for decades -from the highly plucked to the high arches of the 70s, to the thin angular shape of the early noughties. So, here at Fashion North we are looking at the face-defining trend of the season. 

One of the most notable eyebrow trends of 2022 is the natural, fuller looking bushy brow: a style which has been widely achieved by using soap.

The soap brow technique involves scraping soap onto a brow brush or spoolie and then combing through the hairs so they are styled and slicked just the way you want.

The original soap brows were created by West Barn Co in 2016. This company was founded by mother and daughter duo Donna and Kim, who originated from Sunderland and now base their business in Durham.

Kim Cattin, founder of West Barn Co, told Fashion North: “Everything we create in my makeup world is very much that red carpet, natural makeup and at the time I wasn’t seeing that anywhere.

“There was a trend going around that the more makeup the better, and I was really trying to push against it. The natural fluffy brow  started the idea that it doesn’t have to be so particular and carved out.”

West Barn Co offer a vegan friendly and cruelty free range of products, including soap brows extra strong, soap brows tinted and brow brushes that would help you achieve the perfect look (or should we say fleek look!).

Celebrities such as Laura Whitmore, Dua Lipa and Frankie Bridge have been showcasing the look, meaning the soap brows are definitely red-carpet approved.

Kim added: “The product was seen on celebrity faces, which makes it acceptable to try that trend. So then people at home were then trying it.

“People wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t fashionable. That was key for us to make it fashion-forward.”

In 2022, people are continuing to stay loyal to this trend, creating both fluffy and soap eyebrows.

High street stores, such as Superdrug and Boots, sell brands that have their own brow products that are equally as perfect for the look; Nyx and Benefit are among the many options.

Nyx Brow Product Display

Whatever the occasion, natural brows are here to stay. Let us know what you think of them on our Instagram @Fashion_North or tweet at us @fashion_north.


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