Black Friday 2019: Newcastle fashion designer calls for shoppers to support small businesses

Sustainable fashion designer Melanie Kyles is urging people to shop with small independent businesses on Black Friday 2019.

The Newcastle designer, who creates contemporary fashion clothing and accessories, she struggles to compete with the black Friday discounts due to the time and cost of her specialist craft.

She says: “I don’t have the profit margins to reduce my prices by 50% or 70% because I would be making a loss.”

Under her fashion brand, named after herself, she is selling sustainable clothing which she makes with organic materials.

In 2018 more than £2 billion was spent on Black Friday and the designer is hopeful that more of that will be invested in small businesses this year.

She says: “shopping small businesses is a lot more personal; you are supporting an individual person following their dreams rather than a big CEO.”

Looking for a good deal this Black Friday? Why not start at your local small business and tweet us your best finds to @Fashion_North.


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