Blast from the Past – Iconic looks throughout the decades you can wear in 2023

From boho 70s to girlie 00s, we here at Fashion North have got you covered when bringing back the iconic fashion looks from the most influential decades for you to wear in 2023.  


 The first look we recreated was from the 1970s and was heavily inspired by a hippie look. This was a very popular way to dress in the 1970s and has remained popular today with the constant repeating trends from this decade.  


Here the model is wearing some platform boots from Primark, floral flares from Topshop, halter neck top from ASOS and an afghan coat from Urban Outfitters.



The next look is inspired by the rock and roll era that took major popularity in the 1980s.

The model is wearing a brown leather jacket that was thrifted, a black bra from Primark, black leather trousers from New Look and platform boots from Primark.


The next look is inspired by the fashion icon of the 1990s Jennifer Aniston. She single handedly became one of the most influential and stylish celebrities of the 1990s and created trends that remain popular today.

The model is wearing a white t-shirt from Primark, a black dress from Primark, black sunglasses from H&M, shoulder bag from Topshop and black chunky sandals from Misguided.


The final look is inspired by the girlie pink look that took over the 2000s. This look was made popular by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Ashley Tisdale.

The model is wearing some silver sunglasses from Primark, a sequin scarve that was thrifted, a pink fluffy top from Zara, denim skirt that was thrifted, green bag that was thrifted and finally black chunky sandals from Missguided.


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