Blogmas and Vlogmas Comes to Town

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If you have been on social media recently you can’t avoid the term Blogmas or Vlogmas. It’s everywhere but what exactly is it?

Vlogmas is an event vloggers take part in where they post a video every day in December recording the lead up to Christmas.

These videos can feature many different things, such as tutorials on Christmas activities, Christmas trips to such places like Christmas markets, follow us around Christmas shopping, gift guide videos and Christmas cooking tutorials.

Many vloggers go as far as having separate channels purely dedicated to Vlogmas and the surrounding events.

Blogmas is essentially exactly the same, although it’s a written blog post opposed to filmed footage.

Many popular bloggers combine the two and have an accompanying blog post for their videos.

Famous bloggers who follow this trend include Fleur De Force, Zoella and Tanya Burr. They have done this for the last few years and has grown bigger and bigger very year.

Tanya Burr posted on twitter recently exclaiming how excited she was to start Vlogmas and follow everyone else’s videos.

We spoke to Caroline Osbeldiston who blogs regularly at Cheer Up Buttercup, she said: “This year I have decided to do Blogmas as I enjoy blogging and I love Christmas, buying decorations for my tree/house and presents. So I thought ‘why not do Blogmas and show them on my site’.


A wreath made by Caroline

“The hardest thing about doing it is being organised; you have to plan ahead and I only decided to do this a couple of days before the 1st of December so I did about 20 of the posts in one day so I knew I had them all sorted out!

“Coming up with the posts was difficult as well. I wanted to have a range of posts and not just focus on one thing. From beauty, fashion to home and a couple of Christmas film reviews. I finally managed to come up with post ideas! However, even with all the stress of Blogmas, it is really fun and it is great way to get into the Christmassy spirit! “

It certainly is a hard thing to commit to and we at Fashion North commend anyone who takes time out of the festive season to keep giving content for us to read.

Thank you Bloggers and Vloggers!


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