Style Diary: Avoid Fashion Faux Pas On Work Placements

I recently spent two weeks living life as a Londoner when I done a placement with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine. While I was there I documented each outfit I wore to help anyone who may be going on placement avoid my rookie errors when it came to choosing my outfits.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10

Day 1 (Black Striped Back Dress)

Since it was my first day and I was unsure what other people would be wearing I decided I would dress quite smartly. Although you can’t really see from the picture, the entire back of this dress is striped and the stripes curve around to the front of the dress at the bottom. An issue I came across in this dress is that when I was sitting on the floor doing clothing return after clothing return I had to constantly sit with my legs to the side of me, rather than the more comfortable crossed leg position, in order to avoid flashing anyone. I felt very comfortable in this outfit all day, however I felt slightly out of place and like I’d be more suited to a business environment in comparison to all the stylishly dressed Fabulous employees so this outfit gets a 5/10.


Day 2 (Grey Jumper, Ripped Jeans and Superga Shoes)

I loved this outfit… at the beginning of the day when I started my commute into London. By the time I pushed onto my first train crammed full of commuters I started to regret my choice of jumper. This jumper is a thick material which is ideal for cold outside weather but on hot trains and tubes and inside offices 20 degrees hotter than outside, not so much. As an intern I spent most of my time walking around doing jobs for people and sorting through the mountains of clothes to be returned so I did work up a sweat. Although I will be forever grateful for this jumper when facing the North East winter, it did make me extremely uncomfortable during my second day and therefore gets a 6/10.


Day 3 (Snake Print Skirt, Black High Neck Jumper, Black Sleeveless Jacket)

I was assisting on a photoshoot featuring this years’ X Factor girls and had to make my own way to the studio which was a 15 minute walk (in the rain) from the tube station so naturally I put on a jumper and sleeveless jacket alongside my normal big coat. Luckily the venue had some air conditioning on so the heat wasn’t a massive problem. I felt very comfortable in this outfit all day and felt I fitted in perfectly in regards to what everyone else was wearing. This outfit gets a strong 8/10 for both comfort and style from me.


Day 4 (Black Trousers, White T-shirt and Stan Smiths)

This was probably one of my most favourite outfits to wear while on placement because not only was it like wearing pyjamas all day long, but it also kept me cool in the tropical heat of the office and I felt like I fitted in with what everyone else was wearing. I wandered around London shopping areas after work and my feet didn’t ache (like they have the other days) so this was another massive plus side. This outfit gets a well-deserved high 9/10.


Day 5 (White shirt, Green Bomber Jacket, Ripped Jeans, Superga Shoes)

This is probably my favourite jacket because it’s so lightweight and the detailing on the front means it can instantly make any outfit more glamorous. This outfit was very comfortable, stylish and most importantly it kept me a reasonable temperature whether I was indoors or outdoors. The only problem with the outfit is that if it rained I would have been soaking all day because both the shirt and the jacket are thin silky material and jeans stay drenched for hours. Luckily, it didn’t rain so I give this outfit a 9/10.


Day 6 (Grey Roll Neck Jumper, Ripped Jeans, Black Puma Trainers)

Stupidly went for the jumper again. Obviously I had the same issues as the last time I wore a jumper… great for outside but once you get inside you are filled with instant regret. Other than the heat issue however, this outfit was very comfortable because the jumper was loose fitting and the shoes are well padded. Taking the comfort issues into consideration, this outfit gets a mediocre 5/10.


Day 7 (Patterned Skirt, Black Blouse and Black Sleeveless Jacket)

This outfit felt super comfortable before I left the house but as soon as I got to the office I realised I’d made a big mistake. The skirt is a mini skirt and as I am 5’10 miniskirts usually don’t sit right on me. This shirt however, I have worn to death and I have never had a problem with it but since I was the only intern in the office on this particular day it meant I had to work extra hard and the skirt kept riding up. It made me so conscious all day therefore I am giving this outfit a low 3/10. I won’t be wearing that skirt again in a hurry.


Day 8 (White Turtle Neck, Black Skirt and Black Sleeveless Jacket)

This outfit was probably the worst one I wore due to it being uncomfortable and it didn’t look great either. The roll neck top was slightly see through so I had to wear a white vest underneath and teamed with the black sleeveless jacket (which I stupidly kept on all day) I was hotter than I had been the whole time there. As before with the skirts I had worn, I had the issue of having to sit in uncomfortable positions to avoid my skirt riding up when doing clothing returns. This outfit gets a disappointing 4/10.


Day 9 (Oversized Black Dress, Stan Smiths)

This outfit was my favourite outfit for comfort. The oversized fit of the dress made me feel like I was walking around in some sort of pyjamas all day and the trainers are extremely comfortable. There was no risk of it riding up even if I was sitting crossed leg and it kept me cool all day (even when squashed in a tube full of commuters). By this point, I’d realised comfort takes over when you’re in London. Outfit number 9 gets a solid 9/10.


Day 10 (Leather Jacket, Black T-shirt and Black Jeans)

This was definitely my favourite outfit of my two weeks in London. I have a strong love of all-black outfits regardless of what it is and this outfit certainly didn’t disappoint. After my two weeks there I finally learned to wear a thin t-shirt and thin jacket, because although you may be a bit chilly when you’re outside, you are inside for the majority of the day whether being on the underground or in an office (the temperature outside only slightly cooled me down before having to go back inside anyway). I felt this outfit was stylish enough to wear to a fashion magazine despite being quite simple and comfortable enough to keep me happy. This outfit gets a strong 10/10 from me.


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