Brands to dig out from the back of your wardrobe for 2022

Fashion is cyclical. What was trendy twenty years ago is, almost guaranteed, to be trendy again in the next few seasons. Whilst these trend cycles are not simple copy and paste jobs, it’s clear to see the influence the fashions of 20 years ago are currently having on the styles in shops and on the runway.

Often brands and labels are the trends themselves. For example, Supreme was everywhere back – in the late 2010s but is now almost forgotten. As a result, a brands popularity can fluctuate and change over time. With the current resurgence of the 2000s fashion and the Y2K aesthetic trending on social media, brands that defined the period but have since fallen are slowly crawling back onto our insta feeds. Not to mention, to the front of our wardrobes.

Coach at Fashion week. Photo from Alamy images

With Coach’s latest runway show, they have cemented themselves as reinvented and an ‘it’ brand again. Their leather coats and the new pillow tabby are the perfect addition to any stylish individuals wardrobe. As a luxury but relatively affordable, in contrast to Louis Vuitton. Now it’s the perfect time to invest in the brand again. But, it’s also a good excuse to pull out the classic monogram baguette bag you wore endlessly during high school.

We are also anxiously awaiting the Diesel show at Milan Fashion week as influencers re-discover their slightly worn but universally comfortable Diesel jeans. Whilst we will have to wait to see whether the iconic Diesel leather trainers will make a comeback (And truthfully, we won’t mind if they don’t), the denim masters set to return to our shopping baskets and Pinterest boards. Like Levi’s, we hope this brand’s jeans become a classic and will dig out our old mid-rise flares from the box of clothes we never thought we would wear again and had decided to send to the charity shop.

When you think of the 2000s, most of us will conjure up an image of a trucker hat pretty quickly, specifically a von dutch trucker hat. The cult brand is set to become a wardrobe staple again, and we suggest going in search of one of their t-shirts or bags to jump back on the trend. Despite this article suggesting you rummage in the back of your draw for the items, we would probably advise that you steer clear of your original brand caps. However, you can only imagine the germs they picked up from being worn consistently and rubbing against a sweaty, possibly foundation covered forehead for many summers.

A classic Juicy Couture tracksuit. Image credit: Alamy images

This may not be a surprise to some (notably those of us who have popped into Urban Outfitters in the past year or so) but the velour tracksuit is back and so is Juicy Couture.¬†As expected, the brand is still popular for its athletic-inspired products such as sliders and even bikinis. Whether you have re-discovered your old Regina George’s mum’s style tracksuit or opt to invest in a new oversized t-shirt, the brand perfectly emulates the Y2K style.

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