DIY Beauty on a Budget

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“Do I really need this?” The question I ask when waiting to part with my money at the beauty counter in my local Boots. I for one am the biggest sucker for believing that a spot cream I’ve seen advertised on the television can really work the wonders they say it will, or that the special offer on a ‘three for one’ pack of lip balms is really worth it when I know they’ll go to the bottom of my handbag and never see the light of day again. But I still give in every time.

It wasn’t until recently when I ran out of that infamous spot cream that I was in desperate need to banish a third head I was growing and was told to use toothpaste to dry the blemish out. This proved to have quicker results than any cream I’ve ever tried and helped save me the pretty pennies at the same time. Here are more DIY remedies I’ve learnt for rewarding beauty on a budget.


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Green teabags to reduce tired eyes:

Once you’ve made your mug of green tea, don’t let the teabag go to waste. The caffeine helps to reduce the appearance of blood vessels and the antioxidants help banish inflammation. Place a cotton bud between your eyes and the teabag for a couple of minutes and let the tea do its work.

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Raw mixture to get super soft lips:

Mix together one teaspoon of white sugar, one teaspoon of raw cacao powder and one teaspoon of raw honey in a small jar. Apply a thin layer to your lips for 10 minutes then scrub away to replace your exfoliator lip balm.


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Use mayonnaise to prevent split ends:

Before washing your hair, lather the ends with mayonnaise so that when shampooing, your natural moisture is not dried out leaving your hair feeling damaged. Just remember to rinse thoroughly!

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Banana peels for whiter teeth:

Rub the inside of a banana peel along your teeth for two minutes then repeat before bed, brush your teeth and see the brightening result!

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Another alternative for toothpaste:

Scrub your fingernails with a dollop toothpaste to remove yellow stains and add shine.

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Homemade body scrub:

Mix together a body wash with raw brown sugar to create your own exfoliating body scrub.


I’ve learnt that what works for one woman may not necessarily have the same effect on myself, and that DIY remedies out of products in your kitchen cupboards can be more beneficial and re-usable than shop brought treatments. So what’s not to love about discovering a new beauty treat while not spending a penny?!



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