Dopamine dressing: style your happiness this summer

Brighter mood, brighter weather, and brighter clothes: that’s what summers are all about!

As the weather changes, so do our wardrobes, and every wardrobe needs some seasonal staples, no matter the time of year! Summer 2022 is fast approaching, time to phase out the spring wardrobe and make time for some summer fun.

    Model is pictured wearing New Look Black Ribbed High Waist Crop Trousers, £17.99. Slogan Sunflower T-shirt from Primark, £6. Nike Air Force 1’, found here for £64.95, and Women’s Aviator Sunglasses, a similar alternative found at River Island for £16.

Bright coloured print t-shirts are right on trend for Summer 2022. Paired with some culottes, a pair of trainers and some fashionable sunglasses, you feel relaxed and comfortable, and look brilliant.

Feeling good through clothes is about dressing to impress yourself. Using outfits as a form of self-expression builds up your confidence but represents who you are. Remember, you are what you wear! The number 1 rule of fashion is wearing what makes you feel good and therefore being what looks good. Dopamine Dressing is one way to induce endorphins, as when you look amazing and feel confident in your clothes, you feel amazing.

Model is wearing a floral halter neck dress, find a similar alternative from Topshop at ASOS for £30. Pink Sunglasses are from Pull & Bear for £12.99. The model is also wearing pink heels, a similar version can be found at Zara for £29.99. The pink bag the model is wearing can be found at Ego for £44.99.

Accessorising can make or break an outfit, especially when dressing for your happiness, as bright colours may sometimes clash together. However, with the right balance and combination, dopamine dressing with accessories can look perfect and tie a look together. The model’s dress contains hints of pink, which ties in with the sunglasses and handbag to create a perfect and serotonin inducing summertime outfit.

The model is wearing a pink floral smock dress, similar can be found at ASOS for £6.50! The models wedges can be found at Next for £30. A similar alternative to the pink handbag is here at Stradivarius for £22.99.

Don’t be afraid of florals! Floral dresses are a perfect staple for summer, and flowers always create a happy vibe; they are very indicative of happy times such as spring or summer, therefore, floral dresses are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe for Summer 2022. Paired with some cute but basic wedges or sandals, a colourful bag, and some chunky sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with this combination, dressing for your mood!

The model is pictured wearing a pink utility dress, a similar alternative to this dress can be found here in an alternative colour for £25. The pink sunglasses are from Pull & Bear, priced at £12.99. The model is wearing pink heels, a similar alternative to these can be found at Zara for £29.99. The pink bag the model is wearing can be found at Ego for £44.99.

The more colourful, the better! Whether you’re looking pretty in pink or like a babe in blue, colour is a huge aspect whilst dopamine dressing. Colour makes you feel good, and look good, which is the whole point of dopamine dressing as a whole. Dress for your mind, body, and soul. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a huge mood booster and build up your confidence to try things you like, and it really helps you figure out your style.

In this image, the model is wearing a black corset top, an alternative can be found at I Saw It First for £12. The model is wearing an orange high waist mini skirt from Zara, for £29.99. As well as this, the model is wearing black heels, like this alternative from ASOS for £25. The sunglasses are from NA-KD for £12.95.

Pops of bright colour work well as a form of dopamine dressing, as sometimes too much colour can be pushing out of your comfort zone. With a black corset top, a bright skirt or some bright trousers and basic black heels, the pop of colour can be eye-catching and reciprocate the summer vibes. Extenuating the summer vibes further, adding a pair of sunglasses can really tie the whole look together, giving you dopamine dressing with minimal amount of colour but just enough to get the good mood flowing!

Dopamine dressing can be a rewarding way of expressing yourself since it’s essentially dressing for your happiness! Feeling good is equally as important as looking good, and dopamine dressing can help you break out of your comfort zone and build your confidence up to try something that will make you feel happy and will make you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

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Models: Abigail Blewitt and Lucy Britnell


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