Express yourself: how the people of Newcastle use fashion to reflect their personality

Here at Fashion North, we’re always giving our views on the new trends that emerge and how to get the look. But sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the people behind the clothes.

We hit the streets of Newcastle on a hunt to find fashionable people with very different styles. The following photos show that we found a real mixture of looks — edgy, comfy, casual, functional, classy and alternative. The diversity of style in Newcastle is huge. It’s great to see people of the North East confidently wearing what they feel comfortable in.

Do you ever wonder why you’re wearing what you’re wearing? People may use the phrase “that’s so you” when you’re looking at clothes. Well, we all make a choice when we wake up on a morning about what we want to wear that day. There may not always seem to be a lot of thought put into your outfit but the clothes you choose often reflect how you’re feeling. But, most importantly, they can reflect who you are as a person. All six of the people in the street-style photos made that choice — whether they realised it or not — and that’s what brought their outfits together.

A spokesperson for Lexi Fashion, a women’s clothing brand in Newcastle said: “I think women especially use fashion to essentially make themselves look and feel beautiful and that is a way they can express themselves.”

Fashion is its own language. It’s a form of expression.

There are plenty of reasons why you might choose to wear a particular outfit: You could be hoping to make a good first impression; you could be attempting to make yourself feel more professional in the workplace; you could just want to be comfortable when you’re out and about. Even with all of these other factors, your clothes still always reflect you.

A lot of people would never want to wear certain items of clothing. This could be due to ethical or religious reasons, or because they just really don’t go with their look. Everyone is different and we should celebrate this.

For example, it’s clear that someone like Lucy would be unlikely to wear something that Kir would on a day-to-day basis because they have very different personalities and therefore own a very different wardrobe.

Reflecting your true self through the clothes you wear might seem difficult because a lot of it comes down to confidence which has been mentioned in a lot of the memoirs we’ve published recently. Confidence takes time.

It can also take some time to discover who the real you is. Plenty of people go through phases of loving different styles. From punk, skater, grunge, vintage, urban, hipster or gothic. It’s great to experiment. However, when you do find a style you really love, it’s so exciting.

How would you describe your style?

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