Fashion North’s Ten Commandments of male grooming

Men's grooming

After testing Tom Ford’s grooming rules, there were a few I didn’t agree with, so here are my Ten Commandments that very man should live by.

10. Use shampoo on body hair, it gets it way cleaner. Legs and arms are fine, you can use shower gel on them, but any thicker areas of hair need shampoo. It is hair after all, so it’s needs to be looked after.

9. Brush your teeth no less than twice a day. Preferably it should be after every important meal of the day, but who wants to carry a toothbrush around with them? On a morning you want to brush your teeth before breakfast to rid yourself of any plaque built up over night, and again before you go to bed.

8. Don’t use too much product in your hair. There is nothing worse than seeing someone who has piled the whole tube of gel on their hair. We get it, you like your hair to stay put but that does not call for that much product.

7. Going back to hair. Part it properly. I have seen people who don’t have a parting and just bring it all forward from the crown and it doesn’t look good. If you want a fringe, a side parting will give you one that looks better, so do it.

6. Don’t drown yourself in deodorant. There’s nothing worse than being able to smell someone before you can even see them. While smelling nice is important, not being offensive with the smell is also important.

5. Use cologne instead. Spray one spritz on your wrists, neck and behind your ears. Do not rub it in as this can change the formula of the scent and it won’t smell right. Spraying it on these areas will heat it up and give nice bursts of smell throughout the day.

4. Invest in a good blemish remover. While spots are almost impossible to predict, it’s essential that when they strike you have your counter defence. The Body Shop do a great tea tree one that really gets to work quickly. If you pop the blemish beforehand it dries it out even quicker.

3. Facial hair needs to be trimmed. Yes lumbersexuals are all the rage right now but if you can’t grow a beard, you can’t grow a beard. If you have that problem keep it trim or clean shaven. If you’re going for a moustache definitely make sure you have a thick one growing in. Do not become that creepy looking guy that people avoid.

2. Keep your fingernails at a nice length. If they bend with a little bit of pressure they’re ready for cutting. Whether you like it or not boys/girls really care about your nails. I mean it can make or break relationships. Soak them in warm water first to soften them up if you’re one of those guys that moans it hurts.

1. MOISTURISE. If you don’t think this is important you are wrong. If you’re not doing this because you’re a manly man and don’t want to look effeminate, get over it. It’s 2015. So you look after yourself no one cares.

Follow these and not only will you feel hygienic but they will also boost your confidence because you know you’re looking good.


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