Fashion North’s Winter Challenge

Have fun this season with Fashion North’s Winter challenge. Can you do everything on this list? Let us know by  sending us your pictures on Twitter and Instagram, @Fashion_North.


Printable PDF  – Fashion North Challenge

 Get wrapped up cosy warm while you watch the fireworks on November 5

 Get up early to beat the crowds for those Black Friday sales

 Get online for Cyber Monday

 Refresh your winter wardrobe

 Take a trip to the Drive-in (cinema)

 Have a night in with the girls

 Wear fluffy socks

 Put up your Christmas Tree

 Buy a Christmas drink from Costa/Starbucks

 Go to a Christmas maket

 Have a cosy night in with homemade hot chocolate

 Go watch the Christmas Lights get turned on

 Make a gingerbread house

 Take a photo with Santa

 Watch Home Alone

 Have a Christmas dance party

 Stay in your pyjamas all day

 Read a book from start to finish

 Make homemade eggnog

 Wear something with sparkles

 Wear a Christmas jumper

 Write a letter to Santa

 Watch Elf

 Have a game night

 Make homemade soup

 Buy/light a Christmas candle

 Perform a random act of kindness

 Go visit Fenwicks window display

 Go to a New Year’s Eve party

 Kiss someone at midnight

 Make your New Years resolutions

 Abandon your New Year’s resolutions


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