Five Halloween Decorating Hacks

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Halloween is one of those times of the year where you debate going crazy and buying every decoration in the halloween aisle for that one party you’re hosting, then you get to the till and realise you’ve spent a lot more than you wanted to for just one night of the year.

It’s those pesky ‘three-for-two’ deals that are always so tempting it makes it hard not to get into the spooky spirit, then on November 1 you find yourself with a load of decorations that you can’t blend into any room for decoration.

Whether you live in university halls, living with friends or living at home, we have a few tips to turn your home into a haunted house on a budget.

1. It’s the humble Pumpkin, relatively cheap to buy from any supermarkets. As well as being fun to carve, instead of leaving them orange why not paint them different colours, add glitter and transform them into other shapes such as cupcakes!

2. ‘Old-school’ paper garlands are a lot cheaper and easier to dispose off after a party than store bought decorations. From skeletons to witches hats, ghosts to cats, the possibilities are endless! Get creative with coloured card or help the environment by using recycled paper.

3. Make a spooky room extra fun with some simple balloons. Buy them in either white, orange or green, but instead of tying the balloons to float turn them upside down and get the black marker pen out. This is where you can let your mind go wild, if you can draw go crazy and add some illustrations if you’re not so good in the art department stick with something simple but effective such as witches on brooms, cats or bats.

4. A cheap trick is creating flying bats, a quick idea which is nearly free of charge to give the illusion of bats flying. Use black card to cut out bat shapes, and use fishing wire to hang them on windows or even outside on trees.

5. Black card works best for this scary tip! Cut out small spiders and bats so that they can fit on the inside of lamps creating shadows on the walls.

Now you’ve got all the ideas and tips why not start now?


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