Syed Ahmed ( Sy )

26 Year old

BA ( Hons) Fashion Design and Promotion. 2020/2021


I grew up in Sunderland and then moved to London, recently I have moved back and now live in Newcastle.

In my spare time I am constantly trying to create new content and source new ideas for my Instagram, and also working on any collaborations with brands.

I’m not a big reader of magazines unless there is a feature that I am particularly interested in.

I don’t read blogs, however I follow people on Instagram who inspire me and my looks.


Here are a couple:


I don’t have a particular favourite brand as my style just depends on the mood I’m in on that day. I like to stick with plain colours and focus more on the fit of the clothing than what’s on it.

My favourite designer at the moment would be Kim Jones who designs for Dior.

I like how Kim has influenced a luxury brand with an essence of streetwear, his collections are ready to wear and you can piece items together with high street fashion as well luxury fashion.

My dream job would be to have my own collection and become a heritage brand.



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