Going, going, gone! ASOS Groovy Chick tees sell out as we relive our 1990s obsession


I think we can all admit to having a Groovy Chick obsession at some point in our lives. For me it was everything from my clothing, bedroom and even my bike as a child. As if 2020 could not get any wilder, Groovy Chick is back!

ASOS has just dropped the Daisy Street X Groovy Chick line consisting of two graphic tees. The inner child in me is screaming, the nostalgia is real! This is not a want, it’s a NEED.

Credit: ASOS

Credit: ASOS

The t shirts, which come in two different designs, white for £21.99 or green for £19.99, both feature the Groovy Chick character from Bang On The Door, a brand popular in the 90s. The tees are made of 100% cotton and are an absolute must for fellow 90s babies like myself. I cannot wait to get my hands on one!

It doesn’t come as a surprise that both tees instantly sold out as Twitter exploded with the news.  One user wrote: “Why am I so buzzing that ASOS have Groovy Chick t shirts” and another said: “I actually need one of those Groovy Chick t shirts off ASOS”.

Daisy Street posted on Instagram this afternoon to announce the collection saying: “When you thought you’d never see her again, she’s back baby”.


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